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SLESA-UE7 | Nicolaudie Ethernet Network Lighting Controller


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The Nicolaudie SLESA-UE7 is the heart of the lighting system. The Ethernet LAN capable  standalone controller is perfect for live or stand alone programmed lighting scenes. Easily plug the controller into your network, switch or router. Dry contact port triggering, for architectural applications that require east to use button scene trigger option with additional hardware, easily scroll through all of the programmed saved scenes with these trigger buttons on top of the interface. 


Whether the job calls for extremely elaborate DMX programming, or simple color fades, with the ease of push button control. Each interface supports single or multiple DMX universes, depending on the type of interface. The SLESA-UE7 supports 3 DMX universes and can be connected through USB or Ethernet. Controller will run  Sunlite Easy Stand Alone lighting software. 

  • 250 Scenes Capable
  • 1024 standalone DMX channels
  • Multi-zone (Several scenes at a time)
  • Smart phone/Table Control (iPhone/iPad/Android)
  • Micro SD card slot - for saving writing to systems interface
  • 5.5V DC Power Supply
  • Unlimited memory Capacity
  • Sunlite Architectural & Building Software
  • 2 DMX Universes 
  • USB and Ethernet control
  • Infrared Triggering /Port Triggering
  • Time Triggering with daylight saving and sunset/sunrise functions



 Item Number  SLESA-UE7
 Input Voltage  5.5-10 VDC 300mA 
 Dimensions  3.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches
 Output Connection  XLR 3 pin Female / 5 pin DIN Female 
 Housing  Polymer Plastic Housing
 Output Signal  DMX Data 
 Ingress Protection Rating  IP20
 Memory  On board Micro SD Card Slot
 Dimensions  L72 x W66 x H28MM

 6 Ounces / 1.5 LB's Shipping  


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