How Do Spectrum HUE systems work:

The system is engineered to perform as a unified network. All of our lighting fixtures are network capable. Think of it as a computer network, each device has it's own IP address. Each fixture will be assigned it's own unique DMX address (IP address). The fixtures are then wired and installed with a simple 4 wire set up. The controller will then be connected to your lighting network, and plugged into your network router. From there, any computer or device on your network can communicate with the controller, allowing you to control each light fixture individually, or all by sending desired commands. Scenes will then be created through the controller. Scenes can be a simple as all fixtures in traditional white or more elaborate with fading color rainbow, creating a kaleidoscope of colors. The options are limited only by your imagination.

How Many Fixtures will I need:

Your lighting plan can be as simple as 4 to 6 fixtures, or as elaborate as 400 fixtures. Configurations for the number of fixtures needed, power supplies or components will vary. For example, a single 350 watt power supply will effectively power 28 fixtures at 12 watts per fixture. Different configurations and installation needs will vary based on location and fixture type needed. If you need help designing your lighting plan, selecting fixtures and components needed, visit our CONTACT PAGE and one of our lighting engineers can help you build a layout for your specific project.



Can I install my own system:

Absolutely. Our systems can be installed with a minimal level of skill. Installation of systems will require some planning, wire connecting, mounting of fixtures and setup. However most small scale projects can be completed simply with general knowledge in connecting circuits. Large scale projects we recommend contracting with a low voltage contractor, or licensed electrician if you are installing 110-220vac fixtures. Each county, city and country for the location of your lighting installation will have local code, laws and ordinances to comply with. We encourage you to check your local code requirements so that your installation is done safely and in compliance. 


 Color capability of Spectrum HUE fixtures


 Color Selection Tool

Color Spectrum

 White Spectrum


          • Red
          • Pink
          • Blue
          • Teal
          • Green
          • Yellow

With our primary color palette, utilizing R.G.B. You can select colors and variations from the full color Spectrum. With the color selection tool can literally reproduce any color, or color pairing of and desired effect. Daytime bright to sunset orange!


Using the color palette gives you the ability to make virtually any color combination in the color spectrum. By utilizing the color selection tool you can combine and create over 1 million colors.


In addition to producing over 1 million colors. The fixtures have the ability to display white on the kelvin scale or better known as color warmth. You can produce classic white, amber white, cool blue white, warm orange white and other various hues of white.




Common Questions:


Are the outdoor spot lights and wall washer fixtures waterproof:

YES - All fixtures are sealed and 100% waterproof and rated IP67 and IP68 for wet locations. 

Do the lighting packages come with installation tools?

NO - The lighting packages come with the components required to complete the lighting network, however you will still need installation tools, materials, wire connectors and miscellaneous parts for a successful install. Each installation is unique, so plan ahead.

Are the underwater lights safe to use:

YES - All fixtures are sealed 100% waterproof designed to be submerged below the water line. In most cases installations are using low voltage connections, and are safe for wet locations such as marine environments, ponds, fountains, pools. Local code may require that wet circuits be GFIC or breaker that trips in the event of contact with water.

Where can the components be installed:

The fixtures and direct burial wiring are rated for wet locations, however the network components need to be mounted in a dry location. We recommend drilling your servicing power lines through an exterior wall and sealing, while mounting the components in safe, dry and accessible location for service. For outdoor locations components need to be installed in a waterproof enclosure. Power supplies for low voltage installations will need to be in a well ventilated location for sufficient cooling to avoid overheating. 

What distance can the wire lengths be:

POWER WIRE: Generally 125 feet before the signals need to be amplified. The power wires at 12-36 volt DC applications can be longer, however increasing the number of fixtures will increase the load, and longer wire runs will have a degradation of power. For a large number of fixtures at a greater distance, we recommend multiple circuits for powering the fixtures.

POWER WIRE: For installation on 110-220vac applications, your circuit should be designed to handle the load of all fixtures. If more power is needed for larger lighting displays, we recommend multiple circuits for powering the fixtures.

DMX DATA WIRES: Your controller has a DMX+ and  DMX- wires for controlling and executing the fixture commands. Generally each DMX Amplifier will effectively amplify up to 125 feet before an additional DMX amplifier will need to be added to increase the signal. With more fixtures on the circuit, the signal degradation will increase. Multiple DMX amplifiers are required for longer runs. We recommend the wireless 2.4GHz DMX amplifiers for installations of greater distance.

Do I need a timer:

DC Circuits: The power source can be on a switched circuit or timer circuit. On 12-36 vdc applications, the power supply will plug into a standard 3 prong 110 vac outlet. That outlet can be on master switch, or a timer added, depending on the desired need. If the power supply is plugged into a constant voltage source, it will be ALWAYS ON and consuming power. The DMX controller will only turn on the fixtures at the programmed time. However the controller cannot turn on/off the power source. A scheduled timer, or zwave, insteon, switch can turn the power on/off at programmed times. 

AC Circuits: 110-220 vac applications, can also be on a master switch or timer. These circuit applications can be turned on by the DMX controller at a scheduled time, as the fixtures are in standby mode and hardwired to a power source. 

Multiple lighting displays:

We recommend providing power sources for each separate lighting location on the property. You can then utilize the wireless DMX amplifiers to send the DMX commands from the network controller to each lighting display. Example: 3 Fountains at a mall. The fountain lights are hardwired for power. Using wireless DMX receivers, the fixtures can wirelessly receive DMX commands from the controller.

Addressing lighting fixtures.

Addressing is the process of programming lighting fixtures with a unique channel number so it can be recognized and receive data commands from the controller. A DMX addressing device such as our SH-DMXA will be used during the installation process, to address each fixture. Lighting fixtures will retain their assigned DMX address data for up to two years with no power supplied. 

Accessing the lighting controller on your LAN:

By plugging the controller into your network via Ethernet cable, your controller will automatically be assigned an IP address (DHCP must be enabled on your router) you can navigate to your controller by entering the IP address into your browsers address bar.  To program scenes, individual light fixture colors, you will need to download the standalone ESA PRO software from the secure link on our webpage. Once the ESA PRO software has been configured, you can easily access your lighting network to make color changes and deploy scenes. 

Scenes - How many scenes can the controller deploy

A Scene is a saved color configuration that has been programmed and saved. The controller is capable of 250 scenes per DMX universe. You can create 3 DMX universes. A scene is created by assigning a color to each fixture, or variation of different colors and combinations on all of your fixtures. Once you created have the desired  color combination on all of your light fixtures, you can save the configuration as a scene. By saving different scenes, you can easily alternate through your saved scenes to deploy the desired color effect. Scenes can be STATIC or DYNAMIC. Scenes are accessible from your device, computer, or directly on the controller by button press. The controller will display the current scene running on the digital display. Once a scene has been created on a computer using the ESA PRO software, the program will write to the controllers on board micro SD memory card. The controller is Stand Alone so it does not require a computer to deploy scenes.

Can additional fixtures be added to an existing system in the future

Yes - the systems are all scale-able for a growing network or add new fixtures to illuminate. For 24-36 DC powered systems you would just need to calculate the number of fixtures the power supply can handle. ie a 350 watt power supply can handle 12 watt fixtures up to 29 pieces. You do not want to exceed the limits that the driver can produce power. If your setup requires more wattage than it can currently handle you will need to add another power supply or upgrade to a higher wattage power supply. 

For 110 vac application, the fixtures will just need to be connected to a circuit that can handle the additional load, for combined number of fixtures. You can scale literally 1,000's of additional fixtures for your application

Scene examples:

Examples of useful scenes

  • Christmas - Red/Green | alternating fixtures
  • Independence Day - Red/White/Blue | alternating fixtures
  • Halloween - Green/Orange | alternating fixtures
  • New Years - All colors/Rainbow | Dynamic fading
  • Sporting Events - Red/White (Atlanta Falcons) | Dynamic or Static
  • Restaurant Theme - Green/Blue/White 
  • Breast Cancer Awareness | Pink 
  • Saint Patrick's - Green/White 
  • Company Colors - Any Color Combination | Dynamic or Static

    Custom orders - wire lengths:

    We can create custom cables lengths for lighting design projects. Should you need specific connection cables, designed for more plug and play installations we can manufacture cables lengths to meet your specifications. Building projects where wall washers are used in linear installations, plug in play can save time and make for a more secure connection. All custom orders require prepayment in advance, price quotes can be provided. Once custom length cable orders are submitted the fixtures will be non refundable.

    Large scale project discounts:

    Quantity Bulk discounting is available on large orders. Clients that have projects on BRIDGE LIGHTING, BUILDING WASHING, FOUNTAIN SYSTEMS, RESTAURANT LIGHTING will receive bulk pricing. Please inquire for large projects.

    Should you have any additional questions, technical advice or general inquiry, please CONTACT US