Spectrum Hue has been providing LED lighting solutions for Residential and Commercial applications for over a decade, with clients in over 20 countries. Transforming property aesthetics and architectural features with new innovative high-efficiency LED fixtures for new and existing projects. Proudly located in the United States, our team of lighting engineers are passionate about LED lighting. We expertly help design your lighting layout, deploy software lighting control, to achieve the desired results with optimal efficiency. We contract with homeowners/residential, commercial/small business owners, restaurants, sports venues, government facilities, private facilities, to any scale desired. No project is too small or too elaborate for our design technicians to tackle. Come be a part of our family and together we can – Illuminate Your World




You have a choice to make when choosing a product for your lighting. Many factors are important. Cost & Quality are the main components of a buying decision. Never substitute price for quality. Ask yourself why the price of name brand lighting providers is so high? With high price points and low competition, many of the name brand providers are benefiting with record margins in product mark ups, Virtually uncontested in the RGB lighting industry. While this may not deter larger companies from using conglomerate lighting companies, it does negate a small business owner, or home owner from being able to afford elaborate lighting systems. Spectrum HUE quickly became one of the fastest growing companies in the RGB Led lighting industry, by offering fair product pricing, excellent back end support, and warranty coverage. We are virtually the only lighting company offering a complete lighting package with software suite! With comprehensive installation support, we have created a system that anyone can install and deploy. For these reasons we will continue to innovate and service our clients in the RGB lighting industry.