Spectrum HUE Lights

SH-LP18 | 18 LED Landscape Package with Controller


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Spectrum HUE Landscape Packages come pre-selected with all of the necessary components for lighting display installations. All selected components are grouped together for optimal performance and efficiency and avoids incorrectly pairing components.
Fixtures are capable of classic white, soft yellow and millions of colors variations. Crafted and engineered from high quality commercial grade materials, aluminum and stainless steel. Impact-resistant high tempered glass. Engineered heat-sink radiator fins, for optimal cooling to maintain long lifespan. Equipped with Cree or Edison Chip LEDs in RGB, each fixture is high lumen output, and ultra efficient with low energy consumption. Whether you have a small residential home or large hotel and resort, Spectrum HUE Spot Light series will beautifully enhance your property, at any scale. DMX network capable, allows you to connect to a compatible network controller for single color effects, multi color effects, custom lighting scenes, or light shows creating a kaleidoscope of color effects. Each fixture is sealed and 100% waterproof, rated IP67 and Rohs certified. Paired with one of our Spectrum HUE Lighting controllers or DMX compatible controller, you can individually control each fixtures color output, or create a scene of color themes for any event, or holiday, from a local computer or smartphone. Spectrum HUE controller-included software allows you to create colors and deploy scenes from a tablet or smartphone giving you ultimate versatility to control your lighting network! Fixture size is ideal for focus lighting on architectural features, wall grazing, landscape lighting for trees and shrubbery, and a variety of residential or commercial placement. Includes ground stake for in ground installations, and surface bracket for vertical or horizontal surface installations.  
Included Components:


  1. Lighting Controller - Included Control Software
  2. Power Supply / 350 watt
  3. DMX Amplifier
  4. DMX Addressor
  5. Wire Roll roll direct burial 500 foot 16/4 (rgbw)
  6. 18 pieces High-Output - 12 watt RGB Fixtures / with ground spike
    Installation tools, connectors, miscellaneous parts, are not included as each installation location will vary.

    Enhance your Property and Landscape by Illuminating with Spectrum HUE Lights!  


    Applications for Spot Lights:  


    • Residential Property Illumination
    • Tree and Landscape Lighting - Crepe Myrtles, Trees and Shrubbery 
    • Column and Statue Illumination
    • Business Commercial Property Up Lighting
    • Architectural Lighting
    • Event Lighting
    • Theme Park Lighting
    • Restaurant Lighting 
    • Accent Lighting


     Item No.  SH-S12
     Material  Stainless Steel # 304 Cover + Aluminum Body
     Size  138mm X 181mm
     Led Type  Epistar & Cree & Edison
     LED Quantity  12 PCS *1W High Efficiency LED
     Luminous Flux  Bridgelux: 70-80 LM/W, Cree: 90-110 LM/W
     Color  White,Warm White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, RGB
     Input Voltage(V)  AC/DC12V-24V, AC110-240V
     Input Current(Ma)  350mA
     Power  12W 
     Beam Angle   10 ° 25 °  30° 45°  60° 90°  optional
     CCT   2700-7000K
     IP Rating   IP67 Outdoor/Indoor Use
     Color Change Mode   Auto Program or RGB DMX512
     Estimated Lifespan   ≥45,000 HOURS


    Notice: includes DMX compatible controller to control color output SLESA-UE7
    Note: Fixtures require addressing prior to installation using SH-DMXA