Spectrum HUE Lights

Landscape and Outdoor lighting has been a staple in illumination for over 60 years. Whether you are accenting your home with landscape lights or creating a dramatic color display for your business with architectural lighting. Traditional white lighting has been the cornerstone for illuminating properties and structures all over the world.


"If only there were a way to enhance your outdoor lighting by allowing you to select the color of each fixture, without having to change the entire fixture." Now there is!

Introducing Spectrum HUE Lights. Spectrum HUE allows the user to change each lighting fixture color individually, or create a color changing scene that will be sure to turn heads. Imagine the possibility of controlling the appearance of your property from your fingertips with endless color variations. Want a Christmas red and green scene, what about Patriotic 4th of July red, white & blue. Beach party, tropical twilight scene and relax. With a variety of fixtures available such as traditional landscape lights (up lighting), Wall Washing Bars, Pond and Pool lighting, Fountain lighting, and In-ground lighting, Spectrum HUE will cover just about any lighting purpose from residential homes to bridges and commercial structures. 


Spectrum HUE lights are engineered to perform as a unified network. Think of it as your computer network. Each computer or device on your network will be assigned it's own unique IP address. That network is controlled by your router which directs network traffic. In similar fashion, Each light fixture will be assigned an unique DMX address at time of installation. The fixtures are wired and installed with a simple 4 wire set up. The controller is then connected to your lighting network, and plugged into your network router. From any computer on your network, you can access the lighting controller menu to create your lighting scene. Scenes can be a simple as traditional white or more elaborate with fading color rainbow, creating a kaleidoscope of colors!


LED lighting has surged into the consumer market over the past 5 years. With this superior form of lighting technology, it has led to many industry innovations. One such innovation is RGB lighting: RedGreen, Blue. RGB lighting is nothing new, it has been used in tech for decades. However the consumer applications have been increasing more recently. Essentially, by using the primary colors of Red Green and Blue, the user can create any color in the color spectrum by adjusting the combination of these 3 colors. Millions of colors can be achieved using a fixture with these 3 colors. Aside from the versatility of color selection, Spectrum HUE fixtures are ultra energy efficient. Traditional outdoor lighting uses incandescent or halogen bulbs. This type of lighting is lacking efficiency, it produces 10% light and 90% heat, leading to high energy consumption. LED uses 10% heat and 90% light, making this type of lighting ultra efficient. Our Spectrum HUE lighting systems can run all night with very nominal energy impact by comparison. With such beneficial uses and versatility, Spectrum HUE systems are a top consumer choice for the average home owner or commercial business owners!