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Simplicity and efficiency, Spectrum HUE lighting systems combine vivid color washing of any architectural feature with advanced lighting control to achieve any lighting effect for your property. Each fixture or group of fixtures can be individually controlled for white or color selection. Create a scene or multiple changeable scenes with color sequences to suit your business brand, theme, holiday or event. Static color or dynamic light motion with color change sequences, to draw attention to your focal point. 99% more efficient than halogen and incandescent lighting. Spectrum HUE systems are engineered for industrial, commercial and residential environments. Ideal for Building washing, feature grazing, bridge washing, fountain illumination, dock lighting, residential homes. Each fixture is equipped with high-powered Cree or Edison Chip LED’s. Designed as a lighting network, and controllable from your computer, smart phone, or tablet to deploy custom lighting scenes. Lighting packages available, build your own system or have our lighting design experts help design your system and select components for your project.